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Welcome to the Ozbadge Design Studio©

We make badges that make History! TM

And for historians and collectors: we make non current or obsolete badges for sale. Just see OTBeach1 only on EBay. We also support Police Legacy.

Ozbadge© has been proud to have listened to, designed and collaborated with history, to help manufacture and supply unique insignia to Police Departments and Museums for just over 10 years. Our clients and customers have included, in some small way, most major Australian Police Forces.

So how secure is your ID badge design and its use?
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You need more than a piece of metal, that looks like your logo. You need specialist badge makers whose design, thinking and service goes beyond delivering:“ a bag of badges “ with little or no accountability. And maybe you know us by name because we are secure, committed and a tight team of players. ie.; Police Positive +

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The Ozbadge Global Security Watch team works for you.

For corporations it may simply be called: “brand protection”, but for law enforcement agencies it may actually be “life protection”, as well.
That’s why Ozbadge is a member of the eBay’ VERO team, aka Verified Rights Owners; which is operated by Ebay. Why?

Because we believe that protecting intellectual property rights and maintaining a safe environment for Police, is a very serious matter. As such, certain types of items, such as modern looking or current Police badges are prohibited from sale in most States in Australia; in fact they can be illegal just to possess.

To provide further support, the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program offers intellectual property owners a way to report a listing or sale and items they believe infringe on their rights.

Please see the full guidelines and details on the VeRO program, and the rules we have in place to help protect intellectual property rights.

Remember, most modern replicas and counterfeit items can be JUST AS ILLEGAL as the real thing in the wrong hands.

For Secure, Department enquires email us: For everything else and collectibles, please see our historical collectibles on eBay as user: OTBeach1 Or contact via email: Or you can email us at:

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew SCIPIONE AO APM


Commissioner Moroney's Retirement Frame. (2007)

 Ozbadge was honoured, to be asked to produce this frame, to order, for the retirement of 
Commissioner K.E. Moroney AO APM
(18ct Gold Plated, Sterling Silver, replica Helmet plates. c 1862 - 1936)

NSW "Water Police" Presentation Frame. (2009)

Ozbadge was proud to produce and donate this frame to the N.S.W. Police Force Marine LAC in Balmain, Sydney; in appreciation of their long and historical service to N.S.W. The frame is made of solid, Sterling Silver replica helmet plates, from c 1862 - 1936, with a "pewter", cross anchors device and presentation plaque. The frame was personally dedicated by Mr. Mike Neville, while touring the complex, in 2009.



NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney AO APM retirement lapel badge, designed by Ozbadge, using the "1862" badge. If you received one from the Commissioner, consider yourself honoured. Only a small number were made and are serial numbered and marked "Ozbadge" on the back with a "C" prefix.




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Please help us support our future Aussie designers and manufacturers. Mike Neville.




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Ozbadge collectibles are designed and supplied for display as decorative "art" only
and NOT necessarily for display as historic fact.
Some reproductions may have been made slightly smaller or larger  than the originals, and/or with/defects and/or a modern date, and/or a current "Oz" maker's mark; in order to help protect the intrinsic historical value and/or or the identification of any original/s artifacts that may still exist.
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